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Last date for applications

1 Nov 2022

CET 14:00
Earliest project start is estimated to

1 Jun 2023

Apply for SSF Semiconductor System Design!

In the call “SSF Semiconductor System Design” (SeSyDe), the Foundation for Strategic Research allocates SEK 60 million to establish a center for research in semiconductor design. The purpose is to stimulate multidisciplinary research between academia, research institutes, industry and society.

The semiconductor shortage that has arisen due to the pandemic and geopolitical events, requires Sweden and Europe to become more independent with, among other things, their own production. EU is investing just over 40 billion Euros in “The European Chips Act”, which will be used for research, development, production and to create robust supply chains.

In Sweden, there is no major production of semiconductors, however, advanced development and production of systems where semiconductors are included as important components. Therefore, the call “SSF Semiconductor System Design” (SeSyDe) focuses on optimal design of semiconductors through research, innovation, value creation and product differentiation. The research must include a holistic view of semiconductor design, including several design steps (eg chiplets, semiconductor IP blocks, system architecture, algorithms, software) which should also include adaptation of the design to the final system products.

The goal of the center is to contribute to Sweden becoming one of the leading countries in semiconductor design.

The center is the first in SSF’s major investment in Multidisciplinary Research Centers (MRC) in science, medicine and technology. The overall goal of the research centers is to coordinate research efforts within several scientific competencies, each prominent in its field, in order to together contribute solving major societal problems.

The last day to apply is November 1 2022 at 14:00.

Decisions on grants will be made in April 2023, with project starting in June 2023.

Get the call “SSF Semiconductor System Design” here!

Get the Press release here!

For further information contact:

Scientific Secretary Jonas Bjarne, jonas.bjarne@strategiska.se, 08– 505 816 73 

Program Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 65