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Last date for applications

5 Mar 2024

CET 14:00
Earliest project start is estimated to

1 Jan 2025

Apply for center for Complex Cellular Systems

Complex cellular systems, for example so-called organoids, have become increasingly important in research. They give researchers the opportunity to better understand human physiology, follow disease progression and prevent disease. The Foundation for Strategic Research is announcing 60 million SEK for the formation of a multidisciplinary research center for complex cellular systems.

Complex cellular systems consist of different cell types that build up 3d models that mimic parts of human tissue or organs. The systems provide better copies than animal models and traditional cell cultures, making research results more reliable. The models are also important to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments, that is, to achieve the 3R principle’s goal (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) which is part of Swedish legislation and regulation of scientific animal experiments.

The complex cellular systems can also be of great importance in the development of precision medicine by using a specific patient’s cells to investigate which drugs suit that patient best.

The center will contribute to placing Sweden in a leading position internationally in this field of research. The application must clearly describe the multidisciplinarity of the proposal, which skills and techniques will be used and which knowledge gaps that will be filled.

The proposed research must have a clear relevance to human health and be a development of new complex cellular models.

The center is the fourth in SSF’s ongoing serie of call for propostions in Multidisciplinary Research Centers (MRC). The aim is to stimulate multidisciplinary research between academia, research institutes, industry and society for sharper results and faster application.

For more information, download the call text here!

The deadline for applications is 5 March 2024 at 14:00. Project start is January 1, 2025.


For further information, please contact:

Research Secretary Johan Nilsson, johan.nilsson@strategiska.se, 08 – 505 81 674

Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, +46 8 505 816 65