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About SSF

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, supports research in science, technology and medicine with several hundered million a year. SSF is a free, independent player in the public research funding system. The foundation shall promote the development of strong research environments of the highest international class with significance for the development of Sweden’s future competitiveness.

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research:

• Works to reform Swedish research towards excellence and impact.
• Creates bridges between basic research and needs-motivated research
where results will be utilised.
• Supports research and postgraduate training within engineering, medicine,
and natural science in order to strengthen Sweden’s future competitiveness.
• Continuously funds 300 projects at universities – many of them in
collaboration with industry and research institutes.
• Makes targeted research initiatives, often of an inter- and multidisciplinary
• Distributes career grants to prominent research leaders, with emphasis on
younger talents.
• Encourages the mobility of researchers around the world, as well as between
academia, institutes, industry, healthcare, and other players in society.
• Contributes to the creation of research instruments, methods, and techniques as well as skills for research infrastructure.
• Annually distributes grants worth SEK several hundred million.