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Strategy 2017-2021

According to its statutes, the Foundation is supposed to promote the development of strong research settings of the highest international standard and of importance for Sweden’s future competitiveness.

The Foundation has defined strategic research as research that will be of benefit to Sweden. Benefit can be assessed based on one or more of the following aspects:

research whose results can serve as a basis for the development of existing or new enterprises;
broadened and improved postgraduate programmes that produce scientists who are attractive for employment primarily in the business and public sectors, but also in academia;
the ability of internationally high-class research environments to attract uniquely qualified scientists and international investments to Sweden;
research that serves as a focus for international cooperation, whereby knowledge of interest to Swedish industry can be acquired.
All of this also contributes to a higher quality of life via more employment opportunities, improved working conditions and better health, as well as to a more sustainable society.


Prioritized areas

The following main areas will be prioritized during the coming period up to 2021

  • Information, Communication, and Systems Technologies (ICT)
  • Life Sciences with a focus on Technologies and Bioengineering
  • Materials Research with a focus on new and better functionality and Production.


Download “Research Strategy 2017-2021” here