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Apply for Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish research collaboration

In a collaboration between the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, and the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, MOST, it is now possible to apply for grants in the joint program “Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish research collaboration”. 

An amount of 50 million SEK (50 percent each from the funders) is invested in applied research projects involving groups in Israel and Sweden of the highest international scientific standard. The aim is to enhance the two countries’ strong position in research and innovation and to create networks, which also can spread positive effects to other actors in academia and industry.

About eight projects will be supported by research grants and should be used for joint research, seminars, conferences, workshops and exchanges of individuals between the applying groups over a period of five years. The call is open for applied research proposals in the following areas:

·         Marine and Space Science and Technology

·         Water and Energy Generation, Storage, and Conversion Technologies

·         Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

·         Software, Communications and Internet, Autonomous Vehicles

·         Advanced Materials for Sensors, Electronics, and Optoelectronics

·         Sustainable and Environmental-Friendly Materials / Green Chemistry

The Israeli and Swedish main project leaders must submit a joint, identical application, describing the proposed research collaboration, the project participants and a budget. The Israeli project manager submits the application to MOST and the Swedish to SSF. The application must be written in English and the last date for application is 21 February 2022 at 14:00.

Get the call for Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish research collaboration here!

Get the press release for Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish research collaboration here!

For further information contact:

Scientific Secretary Gergana Hamberg, gergana.hamberg@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 76

Research Programmes Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 65