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Get support for writing an EU application!

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) announces SEK 10 million in a directed Call, “SSF: EU Horizon Europe application support 2022”, to support preparation of research applications targeting the European Union’s (EU) Horizon Europe (HEU) framework program for research and innovation.

The Call aims to promote internationalization of Swedish research by stimulating increased Swedish participation in HEU Pillar 2 Global Challenges & European Industrial Competitiveness. The HEU-projects must be of strategic relevance for Sweden, i.e., benefit the future competitiveness of Sweden.

It is directed exclusively towards researchers in natural science, technology or medicine at Swedish universities or research institutes that apply for a HEU Pillar 2 Project Coordinator role.

Selected projects will receive SSF-grants maximized to SEK 500 000 (incl. overheads). The grants are to be used exclusively for covering costs for salaries, travel, and consultants in direct connection to the preparation of an HEU application.

For those of you who already have SSF projects, there is also an additional opportunity for EU support. According to SSF’s general terms and conditions for projects that receive a grant of more than  5 million SEK , up to SEK 500,000 of the SSF grant can be used for work with applications to HEU. The beneficiary does not need to contact SSF in advance for approval, but reports on this in the annual report.
According to its statutes, SSF shall promote the development of strong research environments of the highest international standard and of importance for the development of Sweden’s long-term competitiveness. In addition, the foundation will establish international networks and promote mobility internationally. The goal of the call is for more Swedish researchers to take part in the EU’s research program Horizon Europe and at the same time give Swedish research greater influence internationally. The call is in line with Sweden’s strategy for Horizon Europe.
The deadline for applications is 14:00 pm on Mars 1, 2022. 
For more information, please contact:
Scientific Secretary Jonas Bjarne, jonas.bjarne@strategiska.se, 073 – 358 1673 
Program manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 65