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Here are the 2021 Industrial Doctoral Student Projects!

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, is investing SEK 30 million in the SSF Industry Doctoral Student program. Now 12 projects have been selected, each of which is granted SEK 2.5 million. The grant is given for four to five years and should result in a doctoral degree.

The program will stimulate need-driven, excellent research in SSF’s areas of science, technology and medicine. It will also increase cross-fertilization between academia and business and train strategically and competently attractive doctors.

The projects are about everything from using CRISPR technology to create new drugs against viruses, to developing new methods and technology, so-called neutron-gamma emission tomography, to analyze the contents of barrels with radioactive waste that must be disposed.

The following projects are awarded grants:

Scientific supervisor Project title Institution Company
Ali Mirazimi CRISPR-based antivirals against emerging viruses KI BIOMEDREX AB
Bo Cederwall Advanced Radwaste Characterisation Prototype KTH AB SVAFO
Christian Fager Energy Efficient CMOS Transmitters for mm-wave Applications Chalmers Sivers Semiconductors AB
Christopher Hulme Creep-resistant steel powder by dispersed ceramic particles KTH Kanthal AB
Håkan Pettersson Megapixel superlattice detectors with optical metasurfaces HH IRnova
Ina Schuppe Koistinen The microbiome response to treatments of bacterial vaginosis KI Gedea Biotech AB
Julian Walfridsson Sprint NOntoxic Candidates AML (SNOWCAT) KI Sprint Bioscience
Karl Henrik Johansson Explainable Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Networks KTH Ericsson AB
Lisbeth Olsson Design of yeast to produce healthy fatty acids Chalmers AAK AB
Masoud Daneshtalab Dependable AI in Safe Autonomous Systems MDH Saab AB
Sophie Erhardt Neuroprotective properties of the proteasome activator PA28a KI AstraZeneca
Srinivasan Anand Photonic Crystal based Integrated mid-infrared Gas Sensors KTH Senseair AB

For further information, please contact:

Research Secretary Åsa Jansson, åsa.jansson@strategiska.se, tel 073–358 16 72

Program Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, tel 073–358 16 65