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New call for researchers applying for EU funding

The Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) will support Swedish researchers in the work of applying for EU grants in the Horizon Europe (HEU) program, the EU’s framework program for research and innovation. Through the call “EU Horizon Europe Research Application Support: Leverage of Swedish Research “, the foundation allocates SEK 10 million for applicants who already have ongoing SSF projects or have completed such projects after January 2018.

On  March 5 2021, SSF opened its first call with a direct focus on contributing to increasing the number of applications from Swedish researchers to the EU’s research program Horizon Europe. The call closed on May 17 and the preparation work is now in the final phase, after which SSF will publish a list of approved projects. Now the second part of the call is presented, with the same goal.

The EU has suffered a lot of delays in the spring, with some decisions on forthcoming calls made in early June or expected later this summer. In order to best adapt to the new schedule, SSF is  opening a new round of its EU-oriented call with a closing date of  September 1 2021.

Please note that researchers who have been awarded grants in the previous round may not apply in this new call!

This Call is directed exclusively towards all Principal Investigators (PI’s), i.e. approved main or co-applicants, in SSF’s Framework Programs (rambidrag), Centres (Strategiska centra, such as IRC, ARC) or Individual programs Ingvar Carlsson Award (ICA), Future Research Leaders (FFL), and Research Infrastructure Fellows (RIF), independently of field of research. The SSF-projects must be either ongoing or having ended after January 1 2018. The call is hereby directed towards some 700 selected researchers to which SSF has granted a project portfolio worth approx. SEK 5 billion.

Selected projects will receive SSF-grants maximized to SEK 300 000 or SEK 500 000, depending on the applicant’s role in the proposed future HEU-project. 

The last day to apply is September 1 2021 at 14:00!

In addition, SSF also changes its general terms and conditions for all projects that receive grants of more than SEK 5 million from the foundation. It is now permitted to use up to SEK 500,000 of the SSF grant for the work with applications to HEU. The beneficiary does not need to contact SSF in advance for approval, but reports on this in the annual report.

Get the call for proposal here!

For more information, please contact:

Scientific Secretary Jonas Bjarne, jonas.bjarne@strategiska.se, 073 – 358 1673 

Program Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, +46 733 58 16 65!