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Record number of applications for SSF Works; Instrument, Technique and Method Development Projects

Never before has the search pressure been as high as for the announcement SSF- Project for Instruments, Technology and Method Development. 342 applications had been received by the closing date of 21 March.

The applications have a large spread of disciplines and come from all over the country. Most applications come from Umeå University, Lund University and from the Royal Institute of Technology. Now, the SSF assigned evaluation committee will commence a first priority, which is expected to be completed in May 2018. Applicants who do not proceed from there will be informed of this by the end of June 2018. Final decision will be scheduled by October 2018. Thanks to the high search pressure, competition is tough and SSF anticipates an approval rate of approximately 10-15%.

For more information, please contact Mattias Lundberg, Scientific Secretary, tel.: +46 8 505 81 678, e-mail: