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Genome Canada

Period of application
Grant period
Amount (SEK million)
Scientific Secretary

Description of call for proposal

Canada is strengthening its research base in the area of genomics and proteomics by a publicly funded organisation Genome Canada. Some 60 large projects in genomics and proteomics are under development. The Canadian expansion offers an opportunity for Sweden to participate in this effort and thus to strengthen the Swedish research base. An agreement has been made between Genome Canada and SSF to selectively foster collaboration between Canadian research centres and Swedish research groups. Thus the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces SEK 15 million in a national call for proposals on research of the highest international scientific standard with strategic relevance for present and future industry and society, in close collaboration with projects supported by Genome Canada.

  Applied Granted Granted as a percentage
Total number of applications 6 6 100%
Life Sciences 6 6 100%
Bioengineering, Medical Technology and Life Science Technologies 0 0 0%
Material Science and Material Technologies 0 0 0%
Information, Communication, and System Technologies 0 0 0%
Computational Science and Applied Mathematics 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0%
Female main applicants 2 2 100%
Male main applicants 4 4 100%
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