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Nordiskt samarbete inom neutronforskning

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Nordic Neutron Science Programme The Nordic research community may have a front row seat when the European Spallation Source (ESS) becomes operational in 2019. But Nordic researchers have to be well prepared in scientific terms if they are to take full advantage of the unique opportunities offered by this nearly DKK 20 billion research infrastructure in Lund. Therefore, NordForsk has launched a Nordic programme for neutron research, with an emphasis on building new competencies. Funding  The programme’s budget amounts to roughly NOK 65 million. NordForsk provides one-third of the funding from the outset, with the three participating countries jointly providing two-thirds. The approximate distribution contributions: Denmark NOK 15 million, NordForsk NOK 21,5 million, Norway NOK 8 million, Sweden NOK 15 million (the Swedish Research Council) and NOK 6 million (Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research)

  Applied Granted Granted as a percentage
Total number of applications 1 1 100%
Life Sciences 0 0 0%
Bioengineering, Medical Technology and Life Science Technologies 0 0 0%
Material Science and Material Technologies 1 1 100%
Information, Communication, and System Technologies 0 0 0%
Computational Science and Applied Mathematics 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0%
Female main applicants 0 0 0%
Male main applicants 1 1 100%
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