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Rambidrag, Bio a: Prediktiva modeller & Biomarköre

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The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) announces a call for proposals in the areas of: a. Design, development and validation of new predictive models and new biomarkers necessary for development of new drugs b. Parasite resistant trees and crop plants c. Epigenetic mechanisms in disease d. New antimicrobial agents - the role of innate immunity The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces a total of SEK 400 million (SEK 80 million per year during five years) in a national call for proposals for problem- or application-driven research projects of the highest international scientific standard with the aim of stimulating interdisciplinary research collaboration in the four above-mentioned areas of strategic relevance for the Swedish biopharmaceutical and forest/ plant breeding industry.

  Applied Granted Granted as a percentage
Total number of applications 22 7 32%
Life Sciences 21 6 29%
Bioengineering, Medical Technology and Life Science Technologies 1 1 100%
Material Science and Material Technologies 0 0 0%
Information, Communication, and System Technologies 0 0 0%
Computational Science and Applied Mathematics 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0%
Female main applicants 2 1 50%
Male main applicants 20 6 30%
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