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Biomarkers 2013

Period of application
Grant period
Amount (SEK million)
Scientific Secretary
Inger Florin

Description of call for proposal

A total of SEK 225 million is announced in a national call for proposals for problem- or application-driven research projects of the highest international scientific standard. The announcement aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research collaboration within the area of novel biomarkers, of clinical relevance for human and/or veterinary medicine as well as of a strategic value for the Swedish biomedical industrial sector. Selected research projects will be supported by framework grants in the range of SEK 4 - 7 million per year (incl. overhead) for a period of five years. Funding during the two last years will be dependent upon a successful mid-term evaluation. Biomarkers are bio-molecules or cells, in different biological fluids and tissues, which may be used for one or more of the following purposes, for example: -"To diagnose an ongoing disease -"To monitor the progression of a disease -"To predict the outcome of a disease -"To study treatment effects

Full call for proposal text (pdf):

  Applied Granted Granted as a percentage
Total number of applications 134 9 7%
Life Sciences 125 9 7%
Bioengineering, Medical Technology and Life Science Technologies 8 0 0%
Material Science and Material Technologies 1 0 0%
Information, Communication, and System Technologies 0 0 0%
Computational Science and Applied Mathematics 0 0 0%
Other 0 0 0%
Female main applicants 37 4 11%
Male main applicants 97 5 5%
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