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SSF invests 240 million in instrument, technology and method development

Technique development is a necessary factor for competitive research and industrialization. Yet, direct public funding with this aim is largely lacking. SSF therefore invests SEK 240 million in the national announcement SSF Works: Instrument, Technique, and Method Development Projects 2017″. 

Innovative researchers and research engineers who develop new processes and technologies must have the resources needed to develop tools as for research ahead. The newly established SSF program encourages this development and promotes career paths for specialists who wants to work together with the academy, industry and health care.

– Sweden needs to be better at finding and encouraging ideas that lead to inventions and technical breakthroughs,  says Lars Hultman , CEO of SSF. Then research developes and new markets are created. It can be about creating new instruments, new method development or new technologies. The public funding of instrument development is today very limited. Therefore, we believe that SSF’s new venture has a major strategic value for research, Lars Hultman says.

The foundation expects to fund aproximately forty innovative projects within the announcement. Proposed projects should be internationally competitive and strengthen Swedish-based research in industry and society. If the projects are multidisciplinary it is an advantage. The foundation encourages high risk / profit projects. Selected projects will be supported with grants of up to SEK 8 million for three years.

The last day for application is 21 March 2018, 14:00. Earliest project launch will be January 1, 2019.


Contact persons at SSF:

Mattias Lundberg, Scientific Secretary, tel.: +46 8 505 81 678, e-mail: mattias.lundberg@strategiska.se

Joakim Amorim, Research Programmes Manager, tel.: +46 8 505 81 665, e-mail: joakim.amorim@strategiska.se


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