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Strategic mobility 2021 – they receive funding!

For the fifteenth year in a row, the beneficiaries of SSF Strategic Mobility (SM 21) have now been appointed. Ten million SEK is divided between nine projects. The purpose of the program is to give researchers the opportunity to grow by changing research environment for a time, to go from academia / research institute to business / government / hospital, or vice versa.

This year’s project spans over a wide range of areas, from being able to diagnose respiratory infections more quickly with the help of biosensors in patients’ exhaled air, to energy-efficient AI by creating hardware more similar to the human brain with so-called memristors.

Here are the ten projects that will receive the 2021 grant:

Applicant  Project title  Mobility  Grant (SEK)
Mattias Borg Robust neuromorphic computing using ferroelectric memristors Lund University -> Ericsson Research 1 328 800  
Saikat Chatterjee Explainable Machine Learning based Early Warning System KTH – Royal Institute of
Technology ->Karolinska University Hospital 
1 166 000  
Tobias Gebäck Mechanistic modelling of nanoparticle formulations Chalmers University of Technology ->Astra Zeneca 1 060 000  
Stefan Jonsson MRI Described by Flow Equations for Pathological Diagnosis KTH – Royal Institute of Technology-> Karolinska University Hospital 1 270 000  
Malin Lindstedt Advancing cancer immunotherapeutics Lund University->Alligator Bioscience AB 1 239 955  
Gemma Mestres Biosensor for early diagnostic of low respiratory infections Uppsala University->Q-linea 1 095 700  
Rafael Puerta Photonics-assisted High-capacity Cell-free Networks for 6G Ericsson AB ->KTH – Royal Institute of Technology 553 267  
Sasikumar Punnekkat DAISY- Dependable Autonomous System of Systems Mälardalen University->Ericsson 1 259 578  
Ramesh Vetukuri Spray-Induced Gene Silencing to control sugarbeet diseases Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences-> Maribo Hilleshög Research 1 026 700  

For further information contact:

Program Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08 – 5058 16 65
Head of Communications Sofie Pehrsson, sofie.pehrsson@strategiska.se, 073- 358 16 67