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Swedish robot submarines learn to make their own decisions

Watch the movie about: They can sniff and detect dangerous emissions, collect data to be able to take climate action, monitor our coasts, help algae farmers and much more. In the project SMaRC – Swedish Martime Robotics Centre, the underwater robots of the future are being developed. Robots that can navigate and communicate underwater and also have to make their own decisions! Which is a big challenge:

– What makes it so difficult is that the radio waves are absorbed, they do not penetrate water, so for example GPS or 4G do not work. Just a few decimetres underwater, everything we are used to is gone, says Ivan Stenius, Associate professor at KTH and project manager for the SMaRC project whose main financier is the independent Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF.

Watch the movie here!

Also listen to Vetenskapsradion “på Djupet”s reportage:

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