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They receive Lise Meitner’s Grants for Israeli-Swedish Research Collaboration

A total of eight research projects share nearly 50 million SEK in the call for “Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish Research Collaboration”, a collaboration between the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, and Israel’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, MOST.

The projects are about everything from developing drugs against fatty liver disease, to reducing the content of persistent organic pollutants in sewage treatment plants using photocatalytic filters, to building more efficient computer systems for self-driving vehicles by putting processors and memories in the same module or chip.

The grants go to the following projects:

Applicant Institution Project Amount (SEK)

Myriam Aouadi

Karolinska Institutet

Peripheral Targeting of the Cannabinoid-1 Receptor in NALFD

3 124 436

Feng Gao

Linköping University

Cavity enhanced perovskite optoelectronic devices

3 125 000

Christoph Langhammer

Chalmers University of Technology

Water-Tolerant Plasmonic Hydrogen Sensors

3 109 000

Rolf Lewensohn

 Karolinska Institutet

Predicting brain metastasis in cancer by exosome analytics

3 120 678

Frank Lipnizki

Lund University


3 086 535

Ellen Moons

Karlstad University

Self-healing Photovoltaic Perovskite Materials and Devices

2 792 586

Frank Niklaus

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

Nanogap integrated pores for multimodal biomolecular sensing

3 125 000

Pedro Petersen Moura Trancoso

Chalmers University of Technology

AutoPiM: Efficient accelerator for autonomous vehicles

3 112 000

The purpose of the program is to keep developing Sweden’s and Israel’s strong positions in research and innovation and to create networks, which also might have positive effects to other players in academia and industry.

The grants must be used for joint research, seminars, conferences, workshops and exchange of people between the participating groups over a five-year period.

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For further information, please contact:

Scientific Secretary Gergana Hamberg, gergana.hamberg@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 76

Research Programmes Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 65