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They receive the grants in “Future Software Systems”

Now it is decided which six projects in the call “SSF Future Software Systems” (SSF FuSS) that will share a total of  200 million SEK.

One of the projects that receive funding is about developing Artificial Intelligence, where AI and radio networks are developed in symbiosis. It can contribute to the creation of new wireless AI services in e.g. transport, smart grids, smart buildings and smart cities.
In another project, a complete software stack is developed for programming quantum computers. A third project aims to develop software to facilitate the study of the human body using portable technology, implanted components and brain-machine interfaces. This so-called body computing combines computer resources close to the source and in the cloud, into new smart healthcare services.
The following projects receive grants:
Applicant Project Grant (SEK)
Benoit Baudry, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology Consistent Hardening and Analysis of Software Supply Chains 31 038 952
Emil Björnson, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology Sustainable Cyber-Physical Software-Defined System Slicing 33 897 113
Devdatt Dubhashi, Chalmers University of Technology QuantumStack: Programming the Quantum Computer 34 994 837
Carlo Fischione, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology SAICOM (Software Artificial Intelligence for Communications) 35 000 000
Stefanos Kaxiras, Uppsala University BOS: Software Principles & Techniques for a Body-centric OS 34 908 900
Christoph Kessler, Linköping University Adaptive software for the heterogeneous edge-cloud continuum 30 160 198

For further information contact:

Scientific Secretary Jonas Bjarne, jonas.bjarne@strategiska.se, 08– 505 816 73 

Program Manager Joakim Amorim, joakim.amorim@strategiska.se, 08-505 816 65