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Twelve young scientists receive Ingvar Carlsson Award

The Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, has decided to give 48 million to twelve promising young postdocs. The projects focus on proteins, cells and molecules as part of the efforts to diagnose and treat diseases better and with fewer side effects than today. Also, there´s projects about new techniques for faster semiconductors and machine learning.

Each recipient will receive 4 million SEK and a personal grant of 60 000 SEK. Also included is a leadership program for the beneficiaries. Here are the recipients in 2017:

Name Place for Postdoc  Place of employment Name of the project
Per Augustsson MIT LU Acoustic flow cytometry for cancer diagnostics
Mattias Borg IBM Zürich Research LTH MAGMA – Melting into Applied inteGrated MateriAls
Juan Du Harvard Medicial School KI Microbiome in HPV related infections and cancers
Oscar Grånäs Harvard universitet KTH Modeling correlated materials for future devices
Erik Holmqvist Universitet i Würzburg UU RNA-protein interactions in bacterial pathogens
Andrew Inge Universitet i Kiel SU Green coordination polymers for catalysis and medicine
Erik Jansson Stanford-universitet UU Probing heterogenous cell signaling with mass spectrometry
Michael Landreh Universitetet i Oxford KI Structural proteomics surveys protein instability in cancer
Fredrik Lindsten Universitetet i Cambridge UU Probabilistic Modeling and Inference for Machine Learning
Katarina  Roos Columbia universitet UU Quantum mechanics and free energy methods in drug discovery
Mikael  Sellin ETH – Zürich UU Bottom-up reconstruction of the infected gut mucosa ex vivo
Klas  Tybrandt ETH – Zürich LiU Fabrication Processes for Stretchable Bioelectronics