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Reception for the Lise Meitner’s projects

On Wednesday, January 11, the participants in the research projects that received grants in the “Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish Research Collaboration” call, were celebrated. It took place at two parallel receptions, for the Swedish researchers at the Israeli ambassador’s residence in Stockholm, Ziv Nevo Kulman, and for the Israeli researchers at the Swedish ambassador’s residence in Tel Aviv, Erik Ullenhag. The two receptions were broadcast live so that participants could hear all the speeches and toasts via link.

The reception was a very successful and pleasant arrangement with exciting conversations and good food.

In the “Lise Meitner Grants for Israeli-Swedish Research Collaboration”, a total of eight research projects share nearly SEK 50 million in a collaboration between the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, and Israel’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, MOST.

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