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Epitaxial graphene for metrology, sensing, and electronics

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32 235 819 SEK
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Chalmers University of Technology
Research area
Materials Science and Technology


The concept of this project is to unlock the potential of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide (SiC) for development of graphene-based applications with new functionality. We will further production methods of wafer scale epitaxial graphene for its applications in metrology, sensing and electronics. The European market for calibration services had in 2011 revenues of $1.09 billion, which is estimated to grow by 50% to 2018. Sectors where small-current calibration is important and include; a) light dosimetry finds a huge market in medical physics. b) Smoke detectors c) Environmental monitoring d) Semiconductor wafer characterisation. Semiconductor foundries are a big buyer of Keithley electrometers. Epitaxial graphene grown by thermal decomposition of Silicon Carbide is a wafer-scale single layer graphene with a coherent lattice on the whole wafer already grown on dielectric substrate and does not require procedure of transfer. Our strategy is to explore the following promising directions of graphene-based technology: (i) development of large-scale graphene production technology on SiC. (ii) development of novel production technology for metrology beneficial quantum devices and environment guarding gas sensors. (iii) increase of graphene functionality. Our research would pave the way for large-scale electronic applications of graphene.

Popular science description

Sweden is leader in science and technology of graphene produced by epitaxial growth from silicon carbide (SiC) precursor. This material, in comparison with other graphene types, has its own specifics such as the 2 dimensional lattice formed by graphene and a buffer layer and it is grown coherently over a size only limited by the quality and the size of the SiC wafers available on the market. For electronics, this graphene is already grown on a dielectric substrate and does not require the procedure of transfer unlike graphene produced by any other method. Owing to specific interaction between the substrate and graphene layer, SiC/G is full of rich new physics, which translate into superior performance for new applications or substantial enhancement device performance. This property is an added value that outweighs the high price of silicon carbide. LiU pioneered this growth method and is internationally regarded as one of the most accomplished growers with a well established and patented production process. Excellent chemical stability of Silicon Carbide opens a wide field of applications of epitaxial graphene in sensing applications. We shall focus on gas and light sensing. This projects builds on the core world-leading expertise of groups from Chalmers and Linköping in the fields of sensing, nano (opto) electronics and metrology. By combining expertise with “virtues” of SiC/G the project will aim at commercialization of existing prototypes.