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Smart Systems 2015

Period of application
Grant period
Amount (SEK million)
Scientific Secretary
Jonas Bjarne

Description of call for proposal

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces SEK 300 million in a national call for proposals for problem- or application-driven research projects that meet the highest international scientific standards. The call aims to stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary research within the area of smart systems, of relevance to present or future Swedish-based industry and to society. This call takes aim at the ICT’s abilities to improve the designs and functionalities of existing kinds of technological system or to create entirely novel types. A system exhibiting smartness should be expected to analyse and communicate with its environments, respond to changes autonomously, and learn from its experience. It might blend into a human environment with its inner complexity largely hidden from users.

Full call for proposal text (pdf):

  Applied Granted Granted as a percentage
Total number of applications 81 10 12%
Life Sciences 0 0 0%
Bioengineering, Medical Technology and Life Science Technologies 1 0 0%
Material Science and Material Technologies 0 0 0%
Information, Communication, and System Technologies 74 10 14%
Computational Science and Applied Mathematics 5 0 0%
Other 1 0 0%
Female main applicants 8 2 25%
Male main applicants 73 8 11%
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