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Materials Science 2015

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The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces SEK 300 million in a national call for proposals for problem- or application-driven research projects that meet the highest international scientific standards. The call aims to stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary research within the area of Materials Science and Engineering, of relevance to present or future Swedish-based industry and to society. The development of synthesis processes for new and improved materials is considered strategically important for both research and the development of applications. The present call is aiming for supporting research that strengthens Sweden’s competitive power based on excellence and innovation in the areas of synthesis of materials with related processing. The focus of the call is on new synthesis methods and advanced processes control for the formation and production of functional and structural materials. Aspects on structure and properties of the materials should be integrated in the projects, but not be a dominant part, in accordance with the fundamental paradigm of materials science and engineering, i.e. the development of well-balanced synthesis-structure-property-processing-performance relationships.

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