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Bioinformatics includes the application of mathematics and computer science to problems in biology. Bioinformatics is particularly concerned with the retrieval, handling and analysis of biomolecular (DNA, protein) data. The Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre (SBC) provides national support and an infrastructure for teaching in the field and serves as an interface between life sciences and computer science. Summary i Final Report ingiven 2007-01-15: In March 1999, SSF decided to fund Stockholm Bioinformatics Center (SBC) with a grant totaling 40 MSEK. SBC was organized as a collaboration between Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Karolinska Institutet, and has been administered by Stockholm University. Since 2006, SBC is co-funded by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. SBC had two main goals: To build a ‘critical mass’ of internationally competitive bioinformatics research and methods development, and to provide a strong environment for the training of Ph.D. and Diploma students in bioinformatics. Three associate professors, four assistant professors, and one senior researcher were recruited initially, with two additional assistant professors and three senior postdocs joining later. So far, 10 PhD students have graduated from SBC, and an additional 11 PhD students presently work at SBC. SBC scientists have published ~180 papers in the period 1999-2005, ~70 of which were international co-publications. ~110 licenses for software developed by SBC in collaboration with Danish scientists have been sold to the biotech and pharma industry, and a pathway prediction software package has been commercialized by Cellicon Biotechnologies.

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