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SSF Agenda 2030 Research Centers (ARC) 2019

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Mattias Lundberg

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SSF announces SEK 200 million in a national call for Agenda 2030 Research Centers on Future Advanced Technology for Sustainability. These shall be mission-oriented with challenge-driven research that meets the highest international scientific standing and promotes innovation, i.e. span technology readiness levels 1-5. The call drives transformation with interdisciplinary research within the above listed visionary areas for substantial impact on sustainable development within our generation with a 10-15 year horizon and beyond. Project will be selected in competition with the intention to fund one Center in each of the following areas: 1."Future nuclear power 2."Plant biotechnology, including GMO and CRISPR/Cas9 3."Hydrogen/Fuel cells 4."Next generation of antibiotics and/or actions to prevent pandemics

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