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Forum Scientum

A3 95:11
Start- och slutdatum
Beviljat belopp
77 000 000 kr
Förvaltande organisation
Linköping University
Bioteknik, medicinsk teknik och teknik för livsvetenskaperna


Forum Scientum is a multidisciplinary graduate school of natural sciences, engineering, and biomedicine. It focuses on training doctoral students in preparation for their professional career. Research projects are planned so that at least two students with different backgrounds (for instance, a physicist and a biologist) work closely together, each on discipline-oriented issues of the problem studied. This approach generates basic knowledge and novel applications in medicine, biotechnology and environmental technology. The programme ended in 2001 in this format. SSF has awarded a grant of SEK 9 M for a three-year extension of co-ordinating activities, etc, of the graduate school.

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