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Ingvar Carlsson Award 5

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Beskrivning av utlysningen

The transition from postdoctoral studies to independent research often constitutes a bottleneck in a scientific career. With this in mind, the Board of the Foundation in December 2004 decided to establish a special programme to encourage young postdocs to come back to work in Sweden. The programme was named after Ingvar Carlsson in recognition of his contribution as Chairman of the Foundation during the period 1997-2002. The aim of the programme is to identify and support young, well-qualified postdocs who intend to start an independent, lasting and creative research career upon their return to Sweden. The research to be conducted should have a potential to strengthen Sweden’s future competitiveness. The Foundation has set aside MSEK 36 to fund twelve three-year grants, each of MSEK 3. The grants include a personal scholarship of SEK 50 000 that will be awarded to each recipient.

Fullständig utlysningstext (pdf):

  Sökt Beviljat Beviljat i procent
Totalt antal ansökningar 54 12 22%
Livsvetenskaperna 33 8 24%
Bioteknik, medicinsk teknik och teknik för livsvetenskaperna 7 1 14%
Materialvetenskap och materialteknologier 4 0 0%
Informations-, kommunikations- och systemteknik 10 3 30%
Beräkningvetenskap och tillämpad matematik 0 0 0%
Övrigt 0 0 0%
Kvinnliga huvudsökande 17 5 29%
Manliga huvudsökande 37 7 19%
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