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Lättvikts polymerkompositer för hållbara batterier

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100 000 kr
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The utilization efforts have led to industrial implementation of our paper-based batteries in Sweden: I drafted patent applications and launched a web-based initiative with a movie describing the technology and a competition for students. This led to dialogues with industrial designers and end users from different segments and I had 5 different battery prototypes made as demonstrators. I arranged meetings with stakeholders nationally and internationally in search of the optimal partner for industrialization and in April 2017 I landed an agreement with BillerudKorsnäs (BK) detailing the industrialization of our batteries and transfer of IPR. The contract details the first products to be developed based on our research results including units that can be tuned for powering 1) IoT/internet of packaging, 2) consumer products, portable tools, backup power in storage and computing applications, lead acid battery replacements and 3) high power storage applications for transportation, buildings and infrastructure. 50 meters of our batteries have now been produced, in a single step, in an industrial packaging equipment. The first industrial prototype of a wireless temperature sensor powered by our battery was presented at “Challenge 2018-The summit for a sustainable Future” in New York City. Without the utilization grant it would not have been possible to get to where we are today; having a Swedish industrial partner starting to produce and develop our technology for a global market

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