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Syntes och processning av aktiva kalciumfosfatcement

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75 000 kr
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The project aims at creating a product portpolio based upon a new concept for a tissue adhesive cement. The first target application will be advanced fractures in the wrist or elbow, i.e. fractures with more than two pieces of bone to be joined. These applications is surgically very difficult to stabilise and a strong bone adhesive material would fundamentally change the fracture surgery method used at hospitals today. Within the SSF project a new adhesive formulation has been developed and tested in bench tests. The utilisation efforts that have been performed within the project so far have as aim to provide a firm decision background for investments or a licensing of the technology to a major industrial partner, the following activities has been performed; submission of three patents, visits and discussions with industrial partners within the fracture fixation field, development of demos to show the adhesive effect, competitive landscape (funded via SSF utilisation grant), regulatory landscape (funded via SSF utilisation grant), business plan and contacts with potential future investors. The results indicate that the technology has a great industrial interest, but it will require a so-called "PMA" in the United States for regulatory approval. Next step within the utilisation of the technology include preclinical testing and via investments formation of a commercial team and finding an industrial partner for the first clinical application.

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