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Kompetenscentrum för integrerande programvaruteknik

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Linköping University
Informations-, kommunikations- och systemteknik


Currently there is a strong trend in software industry towards increased complexity in software systems, combined with increased emphasis on reusing and integrating software components, subsystems, and frameworks. New technology is needed to successfully handle this complexity. Old-fashioned engineering methods are superseded by integration mechanisms such as aspect oriented programming and composition systems. The vision of RISE is to further develop such techniques to allow us to decompose problems and integrate software solutions in a much more flexible way than today’s solutions. Additionally, these technologies allow integration of both software and documents. The project is addressing a number of these research issues based on research on general approaches, methods, techniques, and model representations for integrational software engineering including software and document composition, covering all major phases from requirements to final code generation. The RISE team, including 5 professors and 13 PhD students, has so far [october 2005] produced 7 PhD or licentiate theses (graduate level theses), 6 soon-to-be-completed PhD and licentiate theses, a total of 49 publications including journal and conference papers, and 8 software prototypes, all available as opensource. Moreover, RISE has strongly contributed to the creation of two regular new conferences in Europe in the area of integrational software engineering. RISE has also contributed to the publication of two books. Several of the project software prototypes have already found industrial application.

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