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Autonoma system, ramanslag

A3 02:109
Start- och slutdatum
Beviljat belopp
24 500 000 kr
Förvaltande organisation
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Informations-, kommunikations- och systemteknik


The introduction of autonomy or semi-autonomy into thecnical systems has a tremendous potential in terms of providing added robustness, easy of use and flexibility. Autonomy here refers to systems that can perform certain desirable tasks in situations and environments that may not be controlled. In this project use of autonomy is considered in the context of complex technical systems, service robots and intelligent environments. The concept of autonomy influences all aspects of a system from basic components over integration to interaction with end users. To construct autonoumos systems there is a demand for research in a number of different disciplines to provide the needed competences, but more importantly an interdisciplinary effort is required for integration of different techniques into fully oprational systems. To this end the program integrates methods for mechanical engineering, control & estimation, mathematical modelling, computer perception and computer science into a holistic approach to systems engineering for autonomous systems. In adding to basic research and systems integration the effort also involves close collaboration with industrial partners. The research activities have been organized in three thematic areas: Service robotics for everyday applications in domestic settings, Field applications for outdoor unstructured environments and Industrial example applications to verify use in realistic settings. Since 2006 the Commission of the European Communities is the main sponsor of the program.

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