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Skrovintegrerade elektriskt styrda antenner

Start- och slutdatum
Beviljat belopp
120 000 kr
Förvaltande organisation
Saab Microwave Systems (Saab AB)
Informations-, kommunikations- och systemteknik


Main objective is to develop fuselage-integrated antenna concepts for use on aircraft. In previous work, the industrial need for 20 different antenna types for communication and radar systems have been identified and by today, work has commenced on four of these. In short, the requirements for the remaining antenna systems will be matched against the competence profile of the Host (Elektro- och Informationsteknik, LTH). Then, a suitable subset of antenna types will be selected and strategies for integration will be devised. Finally, the concepts will be evaluated in realization studies. Expected results are a number of antenna concepts suitable for industrial development, publications and an established relationship between industry and academia.

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