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Industrial Research Centres 2015

Belopp (milj kr)
Mattias Lundberg

Beskrivning av utlysningen

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces SEK 400 million in a national call for proposals for problem- and application driven Industrial Research Centres (IRC:s) that meet the highest international scientific standards. The call aims to stimulate truly collaborative research between industry, research institutes, and academia. Each Centre will be granted approximately MSEK 50 to 100 in total for a period of 6-8 years, i.e. approximately MSEK 6 – 17 per year, including overheads. Funding for the last three-four years will be contingent upon a successful midterm evaluation. SSF will approve up to 8 Centres. The scope of the IRC must be concentrated on disruptive innovation including new enabling technologies and/or emerging technology shifts in a long-term perspective. This “boost” must fit into the business plan of all industrial partners at highest management level. The Centre is focused on pushing the limits of the needs driven research challenges, by the use of scientific methods, technology transfer, and promotion of next-generation technology. Development of present/near implementation technology platforms are outside the scope of this call.

Fullständig utlysningstext (pdf):

  Sökt Beviljat Beviljat i procent
Totalt antal ansökningar 25 4 16%
Livsvetenskaperna 4 1 25%
Bioteknik, medicinsk teknik och teknik för livsvetenskaperna 3 1 33%
Materialvetenskap och materialteknologier 8 0 0%
Informations-, kommunikations- och systemteknik 5 1 20%
Beräkningvetenskap och tillämpad matematik 1 0 0%
Övrigt 4 1 25%
Kvinnliga huvudsökande 1 1 100%
Manliga huvudsökande 24 3 13%
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