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Produktframtagning, ProViking

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After the successful programs IMIE, IVS, ENDREA and PROPER the foundation has decided to support a new research program, ProViking, in the area of product realization (product development, manufacturing, product support and maintenance in a life-cycle perspective) to the amount of SEK150 million over 5 years. The main focus is on industry with manufacturing and/or development, operating in Sweden. In addition the foundation has decided to fund a National Graduate Research School connected to the programme with a total funding of SEK 30 M during the five- year period 2003 – 2008. The Management and Operational form of the programme will be different from the earlier programmes. At the start of the programme ProViking will form a separate unit within SSF with the aim of becoming a separate legal entity in a few years’ time if this proves favourable. Since December 2001 ProViking has its own Board with members recruited from industry and academia. The Chairman of the Board is Billy Fredriksson, SAAB Aircraft.

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