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549 295 kr
Förvaltande organisation
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
Materialvetenskap och materialteknologier


The project aim is to propose a detailed design of a city bus with at least 50% chassis weight reduction. Strategies for manufacturing lead-time reduction with 30% will also be outlined. This goal will be accomplished using advanced fibre composite material, fewer components with high-level part and function integration, and an overall design revision utilizing the potential of large part composite production methodologies. The motivation for a major weight reduction is governed by increasing demands on zero emission vehicles with all electric or hybrid drive train where an added battery capacity will result in enhanced battery utilization and thus increased life cycle mileage. Dr Burman will work as a team member in the project where he will be responsible for some work packages, acting as an expert in some and learning in others. Within the Scania the knowledge on composite materials, design principles and related production at Scania varies. Part of the project is therefore dedicated to form a common knowledge base accomplished through a series of lectures and workshops. The direct result will be a virtual demonstrator of a lightweight bus chassi. Indirect results involve increased knowledge base on composites at Scania and better understanding of the industrial R&D process at KTH. At last a most likely outcome will be identification of new research topics, forming of common applications and deepened cooperation between the strategic partners KTH and Scania.

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